March updates: blazing fast hosting, improved JS SDK, API Console and SMS with Twilio!

First of all, this is exactly how we feel every time we ship a set of brand new challenging features:

A lot has been going on in recent months and today we’re excited to announce a lot of new stuff! Ready?

Blazing fast hosting
Our web hosting had a terrific update becoming a hyper reliable production-grade hosting for developers. It is designed for use by mission-critical sites and apps. We’ve built it from the ground up for reliability, scale and security.

On top of this, we’ve made hosting incredibly simple to use by providing one-command deploy and one-click rollback to give a fast, secure, and reliable way to host your apps.

What does it mean for you?

  1. One-command deploys; one-command rollbacks: Deploy your content in seconds with the Stamplay command-line interface. Once uploaded, content begins serving immediately. With one command you can also rollback to an earlier version and it will begin serving immediately. There’s no need to re-upload an old version if you’ve made a mistake, saving you precious time.
  2. SSL by default: Every app running on our hosting service is served over HTTPS. Gone is the pain and expense of buying and installing an SSL certificate. From acquiring the cert to securing your domain, Stamplay does it all for you.
  3. Your own domain: If you have a paid account, you can serve content from any custom domain, even a naked domain. Using our free plan? Don’t worry, you’ll get all the other advantages of our hosting on your own subdomain, for free!
  4. Lightning fast content delivery: With Stamplay you get a global super-fast delivery out of the box. We’re using one of the fastest CDNs available on earth, the content is cached at POPs in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific on SSDs, meaning no matter where your users are, they get your content fast.

New documentation and API Console
We are all developers and we understand how much documentation plays a central role in the way any developer tool or API is perceived by developers. This is why we have completely rewritten our documentation and it is now available on our brand new website.

To help you hit the ground running when testing API calls in your Stamplay app, we’ve also built an API console so you can immediately test what you see in the documentation, and see real API calls taking place.

To give it a try, just log in on the editor, go to one of your apps and look for the API Console link on the left sidebar:

The new API Console

Updated JS SDK
Client-side page generation has become common thanks to the advent of fast JavaScript engines and powerful mobile devices. Angular, Backbone, Ember, React, and a number of other client-side rendering technologies have transformed the application stack.

Static apps load dynamic, personalised data from an API.We’ve been thrilled to be a part of this shift and with Stamplay JavaScript SDK, you can build a sophisticated web app with just HTML and JavaScript so you can focus on creating the experience you want for your users, and let us take care of the rest.

Send SMS with Twilio

Lastly we added a new API integration that lets you send SMS messages to your users. For this we couldn’t use anything but Twilio, the number one communication API on the block. Now you’re one click away from sending SMS notifications to your users!